Design is our attitude, and our work is the best way to demonstrate it.

XCELSA is the premium brand of the Kyrya Group that offers collections with the latest market trends in design and quality, preserving the essence of personalisation and production fully tailored to the group.


With the noblest materials we manage to create exclusive custom-made furniture, handmade for each space. Flexibility, adaptability and customisation to create a unique interior architecture..

Each Xcelsa collection takes us into an experience that we call Bathroom feelings.

Everything is design and the quality of design affects the quality of our lives

Norman Foster.


We produce 40,000 unique pieces a year without any pre-made elements in stock, each design is born from each dream. Everything is possible thanks to the fusion between automation and craftsmanship. Industry 4.0 at the service of Xcelsa.


Thanks to our non-conformist spirit, culture of internationalisation and desire for growth and innovation, XCELSA is present in more countries every day.


The pro area as a digital tool allows us to offer our clients a 24-hour 360º service, while being friendly to the environment.


A great value of the Kyrya Group is the integral, multidisciplinary human team that guarantees us total autonomy from the birth of the idea, its design and subsequent manufacturing in our 3 production centers. Everything together allows us an agile and personalized time to market.